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One of my goals in the past few months has been to return to blogging and become more consistent with it. I have to thank my friend, Sue Hickman for really inspiring me to move forward with those plans. Sue and I are both Independent Consultants for the same fabulous health and wellness company and she is quickly becoming not only a business mentor but a life mentor as well! She has recently started her own blog for gluten free living that I have enjoyed immensely. I’m adding it to my blogroll, but you can also find it at She has some great information to share!! Welcome to the blogging world, Sue! And I hope to be bringing you, my readers, more consistent information going forward, as well as a brand new blog design in the near future.

Have a great, gluten-free day!


Ugh… it seems that no matter how vast my gluten-free repertoire becomes I always end up at this “place” where I’ve run out of ideas for dinners and lunches. The little glute-free girl in my house inevitably becomes tired of the latest, greatest find and then we’re back to square one it seems. Who am I kidding – it’s not just lunch and dinner – breakfast, too! Quite a while back the glutenfreemommy website had a menu swap that was all gluten-free. I gathered a lot of ideas from that! I’m going to have to search to see if there is a new one being hosted somewhere else, because that one is not active anymore. If you’ve got some great meal plan suggestions, please share! Right now we’re STUCK. It’s the eternal carousel of roasted chicken and baby red potatoes, ham and potatoes, meatloaf – just your basic meat, potato and vegetable. It’s gotten old. Time to embark on some new culinary experiences…

Wow it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done any blogging about our GF lifestyle. We’re still alive and kickin’ and living the gluten free life, but things have been crazy and I had to take a few steps back….My daughter is still having trouble absorbing her nutrients, as evidenced by a very low iron level on her labs in February. We pulled her out of public school and we’re now adapting to the homeschooling lifestyle, which seems to be working very well for us. In 3 months she’s gained 5 lbs. and grown an inch, so this is great news!!! I hope to be back to posting a bit more regularly in between my gigs as teacher, busy mom, aspiring writer and consultant for a direct sales company…..Hope my friends in the GF world follow along!!

I’m usually all about organic and no preservatives, however my daughter absolutely LOVES Progresso Chicken Rice with Vegetables. It’s got little chunks of potatoes, celery and carrots. It’s got more sodium than I like, but for a rainy day when you just want some soup and haven’t had the time to make it from scratch, this will definitely do in a pinch! I personally like Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice. I have to say it is my vice. Get the light sodium, of course. 


Any other “traditional” supermarket foods that your kids love to eat that are gluten free? Please share them!

I’ve been eating this ALOT this summer, so I thought I’d share. It’s very easy, very yummy and even my picky kids will eat it.

Tinkyada Spiral Gluten Free Noodles

Bumblebee Salmon (already boned and skinned in the pouch – my Target has these at great prices!)

Newman’s Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Choice of veggies. I typically use broccoli, tomatoes, celery, red pepper and green pepper.

Directions: Cook pasta as directed then toss with salmon, veggies and salad dressing. Refrigerate and serve cold. 

Enjoy!! If you have any other good gluten free pasta recipes, please share!

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I posted anything!! I started a full time job at the end of June and it has consumed all of what used to be my free time! Unfortunately though we have to pay those bills, don’t we? I will try to be more regular about my posting going forward….I know – famous last words!


We’ve had a great “gluten free summer”. There are so many good, fresh things to eat in the summertime. Lots of tomatoes on some big, fat gluten free sandwiches (thanks to Kinnickinick Bread!), strawberries, melons,lopes, other raw veggies. Mandy’s just discovered that she likes peanut butter now. So we’re eating the Peanut Butter Puffs by EnviroKids. Yummy!! And with the gluten free bread, she can have a PB&J. Since she never had one on real bread, she doesn’t feel she’s missing out on anything. We’re gearing up for back to school here – in about 10 days! Then it’s back to packing lunches and playing chauffeur. Let me know how your summers have gone and if there’s anything new and exciting to share!!

If you haven’t tried it yet, check out Ian’s French Bread Pizza. (Ian’s is the great company that makes gluten free fish sticks, too!) It’s gluten free and dairy free – made with soy cheese – and I personally think it’s delicious. It’s the closest thing to a real pizza taste that I’ve found. You can always add your own veggie or meat toppings if you choose. The bread part is made with a rice flour. BOTH of my kids (even the non-celiac one) gave it a big thumbs up! Let me know if you find other good pizza’s or pizza crusts out there. 

For the local folks I found Ian’s at the Common Market.